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Georgia Resident Card

Georgia Resident Card : For residency of Georgia and taking up Georgia resident card , following procedures  are recommended :

The first method : Registration of company in Georgia and activate mentioned company and taking up Georgia resident card in the period of at least ten days and a maximum of one month, and then resident card will be issued a three-year and five-year-old , which you could receive more information about this field and the way of activating company from free consulting experts of Sam Georgia. It should be noted that this method does not require spending more money and is not recommended to people who do not intend to start business in Georgia and just need to take up Georgia resident card.

The second method : In this method , to take up Georgia resident card , you could be hired by active companies in Georgia and receive a work contract that shows you are working there. This method needs to cost less than the first method and is suitable for people who would like to have Georgia resident card. In this way, Sam Georgia experts could introduce you old and prestigious companies where do these services at a low cost.

Georgia permanent residence requirements :

Note : According to the law of Georgia , if someone had Georgia resident card for Six years ,he or she would be able to take up permanent Georgia resident card or citizenship.If the person lived in Georgia for educational purposes or medical treatment or spent some time working at the diplomatic mission or at an equivalent representative office, this period cannot be counted towards the pre-requisite six-year term; For more information, you can contact us.

Note : To extend Georgia resident card as a three-year or five-year-old and also for more information on these fields, please contact consultants and experts of Sam Georgia for free.It would be our pleasure if we could share our experiences with you.

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Daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi Sun, 08 May 2016 05:53:32 +0000 Daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi

Daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi

Daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi : In this writing we are going to explain the conditions and the price of daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi and Batumi in order to be helpful to tourists who wish to travel to Georgia.

Tourists who wish to travel to Georgia should be aware that the cost of daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi and Batumi is far less than the cost of hotel and also has other advantages , and that is you are much more convenient in an apartment or house than hotel and all members of your family and friends could be together in the apartment, while the hotel has the capacity constraints to each room.

short term apartment rental in tbilisi

short term apartment rental in tbilisi

You are not allowed to wash and sort your clothes in hotels or guest houses while there are fully automatic washing machine and ironing laundry in most apartments or private homes in Georgia. There are a very limited numbers of laundries in Georgia so forget it completely.

All the reasons mentioned above show that the daily rent of apartment in Tbilisi or Batumi is less costly and more convenient than hotels.

Daily rent of apartment in different parts of Tbilisi is more than thirty dollars but know that , for example , thirty-dollar apartment is not very clean and suitable but fifty dollars apartment usually is cleaner and has better facilities.

Please contact Samgeorgia experts of real estate to rent an apartment in Tbilisi and Batumi.

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company registration in Georgia Sat, 07 May 2016 10:19:38 +0000 company registration in Georgia

company registration in Georgia

The company registration in Georgia :

Company registration in Georgia is usually suitable for individuals who are planning to invest in Georgia and based on the current legislation of Georgia , investor is a person who invests minimum amount of 300 thousand Lari as a direct investment and those who come Georgia with less than this amount and intent to do business are called entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many foreigners have come Georgia with very low amount of money , for example 10 thousand lari , and think that the business with this amount is possible and called themselves investor , whereas based on legislation of Georgia , the definition of investor is completely different .

According to the many years experience of Sam Georgia Co., it’s recommended that people who have money less than 10 thousand US dollar , do not come Georgia by the purpose of investment and trading because the risk of losing their money is high.

It is recommended only people try to register company in Georgia who based on above definition , are investors and apart from registering company in Georgia ,there are many ways for taking up residence in Georgia and there is no need to cost more.

Please contact Sam Georgia experts to get more information and consult for free.

Registration of companies in Georgia include:

1. Joint stock company

Joint-stock company is a legal entity whose capital is divided into nominal values. The stock refers to a bond that guarantees the rights of a shareholder in relation to the assets of the corporation, and rights and obligations towards each other. The debt of company is limited to its total assets. Shareholders are not subject to the obligations of the corporation.

2. Liability Limited Company :

Ltd CO, is a legal business entity which its obligations to its creditors are limited to its existing assets. Limited liability company can be established by a single person or several partners. The company’s capital is divided into shares and unlike partners in joint-stock company, new shares can not be issued. The most of registered companies in Georgia are of this type and this kind of registration is common in Georgia too.

The certificate of registration in Georgia with limited liability is issued as a general trading and it means that you will be able to run all businesses by having business license except the drug trading which requires a separate license of Ministry of Health of Georgia. For example, you will be able to establish hotel, car wash, cafe net , coffee shop by registering limited liability company and do not require separate licenses. Of course, while registering , you should announce the considering jobs.

3. General Participation

Public participation is a company in which several partners run ongoing and independent activities of entrepreneurship under the name of one company. Company founders are personally responsible for all liabilities.

4. Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership is a company in which several people jointly run independent entrepreneurial activities under the name of one company. In the limited partnership, the obligations of one or several partners towards company’s creditors are limited to their capitals in the company while other partners are personally responsible for company liabilities.

To register company , please contact SamGeorgia experts. We will provide you the best service at a reasonable price.

]]> 2 Students spend night at Tbilisi State University Sun, 17 Apr 2016 06:59:46 +0000 Tbilisi State University

Tbilisi State University

Georgia News : Part of protestant students have spent night at Tbilisi State University.

The main demand of the “Auditorium 115” is the Prime Minister to arrive at the University and meet the students.

According to a representative of the “Auditorium 115”, today students plan to hold a concert in the University yard.

Students say the draft amendments proposed by the Education Ministry are formal and do not reflect their demands.

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Kartlis Deda Sat, 16 Apr 2016 08:15:02 +0000 kartlis deda

kartlis deda

Kartlis Deda statue is a beautiful building and a symbol of the Tbilisi city.

The statue was erected on the top of Sololaki hill in 1958, the year Tbilisi celebrated its 1500th anniversary. Prominent Georgian sculptor Elguja Amashukeli designed the twenty meters aluminum figure of a woman in Georgian national dress.

kartlis deda

kartlis deda

She symbolizes the Georgian national character: in her left hand she holds a bowl of wine to greet those who come as friends, and in her right hand is a sword for those who come as enemies.

kartlis deda

kartlis deda -nice places to visit in tbilisi

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batumi Fri, 15 Apr 2016 12:57:12 +0000 batumi


Batumi : This beautiful port city on the Black Sea coast and is located in the southwestern part of Georgia. Batumi to Tbilisi distance is 400 km.

Batumi, Adjara Autonomous Republic’s city center and the treaty between the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and the former Soviet Union in 1921 was a part of Georgia called the “Kars” and “wills” was given to the Turks and the city continues remained in Georgia.

Batons in the Achaemenid period, the possessions of the Iranian Achaemenid kings were counted.

The city in ancient Roman harbors Batus, which attributed its construction to Adrianus was built.

Batumi area of 1937 square kilometers (750 square miles) and its height, the height of the seas, is zero. Batumi population according to the last census in 2015, 155000 people.

Like other Black Sea ports of Batumi climate with high humidity and relatively high rainfall throughout the year and an average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

The annual average rainfall of 2718 mm and the wettest month of September, with 335 mm of rainfall.

Batumi serves as an important port and a commercial center. It is situated in a subtropical zone, rich in agricultural produce such as citrus fruit and tea. While industries of the city include shipbuilding, food processing, and light manufacturing, most of its economy revolves around tourism. Since 2010, the face of the city has been transformed by the construction of new high-rise landmark buildings and the renovation of the Old Town.

Below you can see the beautiful pictures of Batumi :

Batumi Neptun Square Batumi batumi aquarium batumi beach batumi mcdonalds Batumi Botanical Garden Batumi Botanical Gardens - Cape Green batumi batumi

]]> 0 Georgia is the sixth safe country Fri, 15 Apr 2016 04:43:56 +0000 coat_of_arms

Georgia is the sixth safe country

the safest countries in the world – Georgia news : Based on the latest report of the security situation in Georgia, with ranks sixth in the world was the safest countries in the world.

The report, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore, respectively, has introduced the most secure countries in the world.

In the report, the status of 117 countries in terms of the level of security is discussed.

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Human Rights Report on Georgia Thu, 14 Apr 2016 12:17:42 +0000 Human Rights

Human Rights – Georgia news

Human Rights Report on Georgia : The U.S. Department of State’s annual human rights report says that “significant shortcomings in the administration of justice, including pressure on the judiciary in selected cases,” as well as “questionable” judicial appointments, “inconsistent” government responses to violence or abuse were among “the most significant human rights problems” in Georgia last year.

The report, released on April 13, also lists among the most significant problems “arbitrary detentions” of the Georgian citizens by the Russian forces along the administrative boundary line with breakaway South Ossetia and Abkhazia; inappropriate use of pretrial detention; insufficient government efforts to combat societal discrimination against women, ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities, and persons with disabilities.

“Other problems included substandard prison conditions; ineffective mechanisms to address alleged abuses by law enforcement officials; allegations of improper electronic surveillance; political pressure on independent television broadcasters; restrictions on freedoms of assembly and association; substandard living conditions for internally displaced persons (IDPs); violence against the political opposition and lack of accountability; and government corruption,” reads the report.

The report says that although there was “progress on judicial reform, the government did not fully respect judicial independence.” In this regard the report refers to the case of Rustavi 2 TV ownership dispute, which is discussed separately in the section on freedom of press.

“Although the government contended the Rustavi 2 case was a legal dispute between private parties, the lower court’s actions were widely seen as an attempt to change the editorial policy of Rustavi 2, which often espoused views sympathetic to the opposition UNM party,” reads the report.

It also says that “for many” the ruling of a lower court in early November 2015 to appoint temporary administrators replacing Rustavi 2 TV’s director and chief financial officer, “called into question the government’s commitment to media freedom, political pluralism, and judicial independence.” The ruling was then overturned by the appellate court.

“Media observers, NGO representatives, and opposition politicians alleged that a former prime minister [Bidzina Ivanishvili] continued to exert a powerful influence over the government and judiciary, including in the lower court decisions against owners of the Rustavi 2 television station,” reads the report, which also mentions the case of removal of two political talk shows and their host Inga Grigolia by Imedi TV in late August 2015; Grigolia, who is now hosting news program in a newly launched channel TV Pirveli, alleged political motives behind her sacking from the Imedi TV.

Citing a group of civil society organizations, united in the Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary, the report says that judges’ failure to provide reasons for their decisions; insufficiently transparent, merit-based, and clear criteria for the selection, appointment, and transfer of judges; interference in cases; the probationary period for judges to be considered for life-time appointments; and nontransparent disciplinary procedures are “significant challenges to judicial independence.”

The report, however, also notes, citing court observers, that there was “some improvement in courts’ adjudication of typical cases” as the percentage of rulings upholding unsubstantiated motions for preventive measures reportedly continued to decrease. The report also says that the government took steps “to promote accountability and address shortcomings in the administration of justice.”

Like the previous report, the new one also says that despite progress since 2012, “the new government was reluctant to investigate abuses committed during its tenure by penitentiary officials and police.”

According to the report the authorities opened investigations into prisoners’ allegations of abuse, “but the public defender criticized the lack of completed investigations, filing of charges, or disciplinary action against officials alleged to have committed abuses.”

The report mentions cases of attacks on UNM opposition party’s offices by pro-government groups in October 2015.

“Violence against opposition party activists in recent years did not result in meaningful accountability,” reads the report.

It also says that while the government implemented the law “effectively against low-level corruption, high-level corruption remained a problem.”

In the section on freedom of movement, the report said that “de facto authorities and Russian forces in the occupied regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia restricted the movement of the local population across the administrative boundaries for medical care, pension services, religious services, and education.”

“These restrictions were tightened by increased Russian ‘borderization’ of both administrative boundary lines, which further stymied freedom of movement and created physical barriers and obstructing access to agricultural land, water supplies, and cemeteries,”

According to the Georgian State Security Service’s annual report to the Parliament, 163 people were detained by the Russian forces in breakaway South Ossetia for, what they call it, “illegal border crossing” in 2015. In most of the cases detainees are released in two or three days after paying fines.

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tbilisi Thu, 14 Apr 2016 12:06:53 +0000 Tbilisi, the capital and largest city of Georgia is about 1. 5 million inhabitants 66. 1% of Georgian, Armenian 10%, 2. 7% Russians, 2. 4 percent, 1. 8% of Greeks, 1 . 4% of Azerbaijani and 1. 3% in Ukraine.

Liberty square - Tbilisi

Liberty square – Tbilisi

Tbilisi from Georgian word Tbili is taken to mean warm because of the hot springs are also plentiful in this city.

Tbilisi area is  726 square kilometers (280 square miles) . The highest point of the town 2530 meters above sea level and 1250 meters it is the shortest point.

Tbilisi on both sides of the Mt’k’vari river (Kura River) and its location in South-East Europe is also due to the East-West transit is of particular importance.

Distance between Tbilisi and Great Caucasus Mountains is 120km and between Tbilisi & the Black Sea is 250 kilometers away and the cities of Tashkent, Istanbul, Rome, Barcelona, Boston, and Chicago are parallel with the Tbilisi.

Peace Bridge - tbilisi

Peace Bridge – Tbilisi

Tbilisi time : the Georgia time is UTC+04:00

Tbilisi weather :

Tbilisi weather because of the breeze that blows from the mountains surrounding the valley is always clean and cool. The average temperature during the year 13. 2 ° C. During the hottest months of summer temperature of around 36 ° C and in the coldest months of winter may reach up to -7 . From December to March (between 30 to 35 days) the temperature goes below zero. The annual average precipitation of about 600 mm that 34 percent of it is in the warmer months of the year. Approximately 25 days of summer it is very hot and the air temperature may rise to 38 ° C.

Rustaveli Ave. - Tbilisi

Rustaveli Ave. – Tbilisi


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About Georgia Thu, 14 Apr 2016 08:46:13 +0000 About  Georgia country : Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region. The area between the Caspian and Black Sea Said to be Caucasus. Georgia is a country located in Eurasia zone. The border between the two continents of Asia and Europe, Said to be Eurasia.

Georgia map

Georgia map

In the English language to the Georgia country Said to be “Georgia” but in the Georgian language to the Georgia Country said to be “Sakartvelo”.
Given that one of the states of America would match the name of the country called Georgia. Georgia is in most cases to be confused between the two countries have been named after the word Georgia. For example, Georgia country.
Georgia’s population according to the last estimate in 2013 was about 4.942 million people, of which around 83. 8% of Georgians, 6. 5% Azari, 5. 7% Armenian, 1. 5% of Russians and 2. 5% other minorities have been . The Georgian capital city of Tbilisi, which is closer to 1. 5 million inhabitants. The area of Georgia, including Abkhazia and South Ossetia two isolated area 69700 square kilometers (26,911 sq mi).
the religion most of Georgian people is Orthodox Christian.Georgian people speak the Georgian language is the national language and is written with the Georgian alphabet is one of the fourteen alphabet in the world.
Georgia is a member of the Council of Europe and the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development. It contains two de facto independent regions, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which gained limited international recognition after the 2008 Russo-Georgian War. Georgia and a major part of the international community consider the regions to be part of Georgia’s sovereign territory under Russian military occupation.
Georgia is a country with a mountain climate and clean.The Georgian people pay special attention to the environment and has a relatively high precipitation during the year. considering suitable climate, investment in agriculture and animal husbandry can be affordable in the Georgia country . However, due to abundant presence of tourists in the Georgia, investment in the tourism industry for foreign investors often interesting.
The currency Georgian is “Lari”. The Lari is written in brief “GEL”. The Georgia country calling code is : 00995 and The Tbilisi city calling code is : 32

Geographical Location :

Georgia between 41 degrees 7 minutes north latitude and 443 degrees 35 minutes, and 40 degrees 42 minutes east longitude 46 degrees 4 minutes is located.

It extends longitudinally along a length of about 370 km circuits, maximum width of 200 km length and diameter of 613 km. Georgia extent of 69, 700 square kilometers.

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