Georgia Resident Card

Georgia Resident Card

Georgia Resident Card : For residency of Georgia and taking up Georgia resident card , following procedures  are recommended :

The first method : Registration of company in Georgia and activate mentioned company and taking up Georgia resident card in the period of at least ten days and a maximum of one month, and then resident card will be issued a three-year and five-year-old , which you could receive more information about this field and the way of activating company from free consulting experts of Sam Georgia. It should be noted that this method does not require spending more money and is not recommended to people who do not intend to start business in Georgia and just need to take up Georgia resident card.

The second method : In this method , to take up Georgia resident card , you could be hired by active companies in Georgia and receive a work contract that shows you are working there. This method needs to cost less than the first method and is suitable for people who would like to have Georgia resident card. In this way, Sam Georgia experts could introduce you old and prestigious companies where do these services at a low cost.

Georgia permanent residence requirements :

Note : According to the law of Georgia , if someone had Georgia resident card for Six years ,he or she would be able to take up permanent Georgia resident card or citizenship.If the person lived in Georgia for educational purposes or medical treatment or spent some time working at the diplomatic mission or at an equivalent representative office, this period cannot be counted towards the pre-requisite six-year term; For more information, you can contact us.

Note : To extend Georgia resident card as a three-year or five-year-old and also for more information on these fields, please contact consultants and experts of Sam Georgia for free.It would be our pleasure if we could share our experiences with you.