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about Samgeorgia company

It will be a great success and happiness for us if we could be healthy and honest guide as a blazing torch to keep you on track of immigration to Georgia. In this regard, proud of our performance, we will support you with a heart full of hope.

SamGeorgia Company (Samgeorgia LTD ) has been registered in the Companies Registration Office of Georgia by registration number of 400097710 and has all the legal licenses. Sam Georgia was registered on 21st of August in 2013 in Georgia. Having experienced experts , we are familiar with all the rules in this country . Samgeorgia with the benefit of experienced lawyers and experts is ready to serve in the following fields:

  • Taking up residence of Georgia
  • The registration of company in Georgia
  • Taking up permanent residence of Georgia
  • Buying, selling and renting real estate in Georgia
  • Patent in Georgia
  • Providing investment counseling in Georgia
  • Obtaining legal licenses from all organs of Georgia
  • Getting Georgia resident card
  • Marriage counseling in Georgia and its registration
  • Taking up Georgian passport and citizenship in accordance with Georgia laws
  • Accepting all civil and criminal cases in Georgia courts
  • Accounting in Georgia and doing all tax affairs of your company