company registration in Georgia

  • publish date : 2016/05/07
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company registration in Georgia

company registration in Georgia

company registration in Georgia

Company registration in Georgia is usually suitable for individuals who are planning to invest in Georgia and based on the current legislation of Georgia , investor is a person who invests minimum amount of 300 thousand Lari as a direct investment and those who come Georgia with less than this amount and intent to do business are called entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many foreigners have come Georgia with very low amount of money , for example 10 thousand lari , and think that the business with this amount is possible and called themselves investor , whereas based on legislation of Georgia , the definition of investor is completely different .

According to the many years experience of Sam Georgia Co., it’s recommended that people who have money less than 10 thousand US dollar , do not come Georgia by the purpose of investment and trading because the risk of losing their money is high.

It is recommended only people try to register company in Georgia who based on above definition , are investors and apart from registering company in Georgia ,there are many ways for taking up residence in Georgia and there is no need to cost more.

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Registration of companies in Georgia include:

1. Joint stock company

Joint-stock company is a legal entity whose capital is divided into nominal values. The stock refers to a bond that guarantees the rights of a shareholder in relation to the assets of the corporation, and rights and obligations towards each other. The debt of company is limited to its total assets. Shareholders are not subject to the obligations of the corporation.

2. Liability Limited Company :

Ltd CO, is a legal business entity which its obligations to its creditors are limited to its existing assets. Limited liability company can be established by a single person or several partners. The company’s capital is divided into shares and unlike partners in joint-stock company, new shares can not be issued. The most of registered companies in Georgia are of this type and this kind of registration is common in Georgia too.

The certificate of registration in Georgia with limited liability is issued as a general trading and it means that you will be able to run all businesses by having business license except the drug trading which requires a separate license of Ministry of Health of Georgia. For example, you will be able to establish hotel, car wash, cafe net , coffee shop by registering limited liability company and do not require separate licenses. Of course, while registering , you should announce the considering jobs.

3. General Participation

Public participation is a company in which several partners run ongoing and independent activities of entrepreneurship under the name of one company. Company founders are personally responsible for all liabilities.

4. Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership is a company in which several people jointly run independent entrepreneurial activities under the name of one company. In the limited partnership, the obligations of one or several partners towards company’s creditors are limited to their capitals in the company while other partners are personally responsible for company liabilities.

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