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frequently asked questions about Georgia

Question 1: How do I find useful information about Georgia?

A: For more general information such as the size of Georgia Population Georgia – Georgia Georgian capital, etc. You can use the following useful links:




Question 2: What is the currency in Georgia?
A: The Georgian currency is “Lari”. 1 Lari = 2.30 USD
Question 3: What countries can travel without visas to Georgia?
A: Nationals of the following countries and territories may visit Georgia without a visa for a year :

visit Georgia without a visa

Question 4: How much is the cost of living in Georgia?

A: Georgia’s National Bureau of Statistics announced that the minimum cost of living in Georgia is for a two-person household in a month 232 Lari, three person 261 Lari, four person 290 Lari , five person 326 Lari and for a family of six persons 385 Lari.

Question 5: How much is the price of fuel in Georgia?

A: The rate of fuel in Georgia 2016 :

1 Liter Nano Super petrol = 1.85 GEL

1 Liter Nano Premium petrol = 1.70 GEL

1 Liter Euro Regular petrol =  1.50 GEL

1 Liter Nano Euro Regular = 1.55 GEL

1 Liter Nano Diesel = 1.37 GEL

1 Liter Nano Euro Diesel = 1.60 GEL

LPG =  1.50 GEL

CNG = 1.16 GEL